WEST CHESTER (March 24) – State Senator Andy Dinniman encouraged residents to take advantage of the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events scheduled throughout Chester County in 2014.MH900439278

“With warmer weather on the horizon, I know that many of us are taking on home repair projects, working on cars, getting boats ready for the summer or just doing some spring cleaning,” Dinniman said. “If you come across dangerous chemicals in your basement or garage, you can safely and properly dispose of them at any of these events.”

Chester County’s 2014 Household Hazardous Waste Collection schedule is as follows:

Saturday, April 12

CAT Pickering Campus

1580 Charlestown Road

Phoenixville, PA 19460


Saturday, April 26

Octorara High School

226 Highland Road

Atglen, PA 19310


Saturday, May 17

Owen J. Roberts Middle School

981 Ridge Road

Pottstown, PA 19465


Friday, June 20

Coatesville 9th and 10th Grade Center

(Same as CAT Brandywine Entrance)

1425 East Lincoln Highway

Coatesville, PA 19320


Saturday, September 6                                                                                

New Garden Township Maintenance Building

8934 Gap Newport Road (Route 41)

Landenberg, PA 19350


Saturday, October 11                       

Government Services Center

601 Westtown Road

West Chester, PA 19380


All events run from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Proof of residency may be required at the Octorara High School and New Garden sites.

These collections are for household hazardous waste only. Businesses will be turned away. No more than 220 pounds or 25 gallons of hazardous waste per household will be accepted.

Hazardous waste items that will be accepted include: paint thinners, turpentine, oil-based paints, stains and varnish, swimming pool chemicals, weed killers, pesticides, rodent poison, joint and caulking compounds, asphalt sealers, septic tank degreasers, fuel additives, transmission/brake fluid, antifreeze, gasoline, kerosene, car batteries, drain openers, adhesives and solvents, mothballs, household cleaners, rechargeable batteries, mercury-bearing items and propane cylinders (under 20 lbs).

Electronic waste items that will be accepted include: computers, monitors, printers, copiers, cell phones, televisions, microwaves, fax machines, radios, pagers, gaming consoles, remote controls, stereo players, telephones, toner/ink cartridges and VCR/DVD players.

Items that will not be accepted anywhere include: latex paint, fire extinguishers, tires, asbestos, explosives, gas cylinders, alkaline batteries, PCBs, medical waste, unidentified waste, commercial and industrial waste,  ammunition, 50 gallon drums, and appliances containing Freon.

For a complete list of acceptable and unacceptable products click here, or visit www.chestercountyswa.org.

“Remember, if improperly disposed, these items do not just harm the environment, they can also pose serious health risks to you, your friends, family, neighbors and pets,” Dinniman said. “I want to thank the Chester County Solid Waste Authority for holding these events.”

For more information contact Senator Dinniman’s district office at (610) 692-2112, or e-mail acirucci@pasenate.com.



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