WEST CHESTER (July 1) – State Senator Andy Dinniman announced that the Commonwealth Finance Authority today approved nearly $1.5 million in total state funding for seven projects throughout Chester County that will improve transportation, promote economic growth, and create jobs.

“Phoenixville, Downingtown, Sadsbury, New London, London Britain and Penn – these investments will impact nearly every corner of Chester County by boosting economic development and parks projects through significant transportation upgrades and infrastructure improvements,” Dinniman said. “By working closely with local municipalities and supporting their endeavors, we’ve experienced continued success in planning for strategic growth while supporting the local businesses and companies that provide to so many jobs.”

The funding comes through two sources: the Department of Community and Economic Development’s Multimodal Transportation Fund, and Act 13 of 2012, administered by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

The projects funded under the Multimodal Transportation Fund are as follows:

  • $612,724 for Communications Test Design Inc. (CTDI) for local highway improvements related to a significant expansion of the company’s facility in Sadsbury Township.
  • $325,000 for the Phoenixville Area School District for improvements to the intersection of Pothouse Road and Route 29 (State Road) in preparation for the construction of the new Early Learning Center/Elementary School. The new school will help the district address rapidly increasing enrollment and create at least 20 new jobs.
  • $276,406 for Penn Township to improve the intersection of Route 796 and Old Baltimore Pike at the site of the former Red Rose Inn. Senator Dinniman partnered with state Rep. John Lawrence and Penn Township Supervisor Chairman Curtis Mason on this project. The funds will be used to improve and realign the intersection to add an additional turning lane. The township already purchased the site of the inn and modified the non-historic addition on the northwestern corner to make way for the realignment of Route 796. The project aims to improve traffic flow and safety, as vehicles can currently back up all the way to the Route 1 southbound off-ramp, especially during peak hours. In addition, the improved intersection will stimulate the economy by allowing easier access to the shops at Jenner’s Village and open up access to additional nearby sites for potential commercial development.
  • $126,000 for the Borough of Phoenixville’s Wayfinding Project, a borough-wide system of signage to connect vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic throughout the borough. The three-phase project aims to improve connections to the borough neighborhoods and the nearby highway system while promoting the town center as a regional commercial destination. Signage will list attractions, parking, a bike and pedestrian trail system, and other recreational and commercial opportunities to direct visitors in an efficient and aesthetically pleasing manner. The project calls for the development of three major gateway sign elements, three minor gateway signs, 15 to 20 freestanding or mounted signs, five directional signs, five parking signs, a bike and trail system map, and six to 10 trail signs.

The projects funded under Act 13 are as follows:

  • $117,840 for New London Township for the development of the Village Park on land adjacent to the municipal property. The site of the proposed eight-acre park, located just beyond the township baseball field, is already owned by the township. The aim is to develop a park for active and passive recreation that is linked to the center of the village via pedestrian pathways. Plans call for construction of a stormwater retention basin, a parking area, gazebo, volleyball court, pond and pier, landscaping, signage, play equipment, safety surfacing, ADA access, and other site improvements.
  • $108,870 for Downingtown Borough for the Armor Alley Pocket Plaza, a project that aims to redevelop an unsightly but strategically located alley into a public gathering place that links pedestrian traffic to the borough’s Main Street. Funds will be used for new pavers, landscaping, seating, fencing, and lighting. The revitalized plaza will serve as a gateway to the heart of the downtown and provide patrons with a safe, well-lit route to overflow parking on Mill Alley Road. The plaza will also serve as a public gathering space and potential venue for open air community events.
  • $31,000 for London Britain Township for its Act 537 (Sewer Facilities Program) Update. Township officials have identified a need for additional sewage treatment facilities. There is currently one sewage treatment plan there, the Windsor plant, which was originally constructed in 2004 to serve only 16 homes. The remaining areas of the township are served by on-lot systems, which have experienced failure in recent years. The goal of the Act 537 update is to determine the viability of using the Windsor plant, consider other options for Windsor development, and examine additional ways to address failing of malfunctioning on-lot systems, under Department of Environmental Protection regulations. Township officials aim to maintain London Britain’s rural character while protecting its water resources and those of the Delaware Basin with affordable, realistic solutions that may also create jobs going forward.

The Multimodal Transportation Fund is funded by Act 89 of 2013, Pennsylvania’s Comprehensive Transportation Funding Plan. Act 13 is funded from annual impact fees on natural gas drilling wells in the Marcellus Shale formation.

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