WEST CHESTER (May 30, 2018) –  State Senator Andy Dinniman recently honored Joe LeBresco on 65 years of volunteer service to the Malvern Fire Company.

In honor of the milestone achievement, Dinniman presented LeBresco with a special Senate citation.

“Joe has set the bar for generations of Chester County firefighters and emergency first responders,” Dinniman, who serves on the Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee, said. “At a time when fire companies across the Commonwealth struggle to recruit and retain volunteers, he remains a shining example of dedicated and distinguished service in keeping our communities safe.”

Pictured (from left to right) Joe and Lois LeBresco with Senator Dinniman.

LeBresco joined Malvern Fire Company on his 18th birthday in April of 1953 and since then has worn many hats including, president, vice president, fair committee chairman, co-chairman of the annual golf tournament fundraiser, and head of building and grounds maintenance. He currently serves as President of Station 4.

“Joe’s service has been outstanding and ongoing. I can’t think of a job he didn’t hold and by holding all those jobs, he sort of held us together,” said Deputy Chief Jim Rapp.

Over more than six decades, LeBresco, 83, said he has seen many changes in the fire service, including significant improvements in safety, equipment, and prevention. However, he still enjoys the camaraderie and ability to give back to the community.

“Back then, there really wasn’t a lot to do,” he said, reflecting on his early years as a volunteer firefighter. “It was something to do and you could help people.”

And help people he did. Over the course of his career, its estimated that he has answered more than 15,000 fire and ambulance calls, according to reports.

In addition to his volunteer service with Malvern Fire Company, LeBresco has been a fixture in the Chester County emergency services community, having spent a nearly 30-year career as a 9-11 dispatcher with the Chester County Department of Emergency Services.

While he retired from that position in 1999, he remains active at Malvern Fire Company and spends a considerable amount of time at the station, which is located about two blocks from his home.

LeBresco said he plans to continue to volunteer as long as he stays healthy.

Dinniman also recognized LeBresco’s wife, Lois, and grandson, Jason, who recently became a life member of Malvern Fire Company after 20 years of service.

“Firefighting really is a family affair for the LeBrescos. And when we celebrate Joe’s accomplishments, we must also recognize Lois and his family for sharing their husband, father, and grandfather with the community,” Dinniman said. “Furthermore, it’s great to see Joe’s values of volunteerism and the spirit of civic service are now being passed on to the next generation of firefighters and community leaders.”



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