WEST CHESTER (August 5) – State Senator Andy Dinniman announced that new drivers who have obtained a learner’s permit can now sign up for a driving skills road test up to 30 weeks in advance.

“I have heard from numerous individuals who have had difficulty scheduling a driving test due to high demand, especially during the summer months,” Dinniman said. “In response, PennDOT is now allowing those with learner’s permits to schedule their road tests up to 30 weeks ahead of time.”

“I encourage new drivers to take advantage of this change and schedule their appointments well ahead of time, so that once the mandatory 6-month skill-building period is complete, they don’t have to wait to take the road test,” he added.road-231917_1280

For those who may require an earlier appointment, appointments are also made available within a 6-week time frame. New driving skills test appointments are added each Wednesday for both the 30-week and 6-week time period.

For more information or to schedule your driving skills test online, visit PennDOT’s “Obtaining Your Driver’s License” webpage here. In addition, driving skills road tests can be scheduled by calling 1-800-423-5542.

Those seeking earlier appointments can also check alternate sites for openings, or new availabilities due to cancellations.

“PennDOT encourages young drivers to schedule their road tests for the earliest eligibility date printed on their learner’s permit,” Dinniman said. “Again, be sure to schedule your test early, so that you will be ready to go once all your required hours of supervision are completed.”

Dinniman also reminded young drivers of the increased restrictions placed on their driving privileges. Both those with learner’s permits and junior licenses (under age 18) face certain restrictions on nighttime driving and passengers/supervision. More information on those restrictions is available here.

In addition, he urges parents to talk with their teens about driving safety.

“Statistics show that vehicle crashes are the leading cause of teen fatalities,” Dinniman said. “Driving is a privilege and a very serious one at that. Pay attention, wear your seatbelt, follow the laws, don’t text and put away your cellphone.”

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