WEST CHESTER (July 31, 2017) – State Senator Andy Dinniman recently visited the new home of the West Chester Food Cupboard on Bolmar Street and he brought along a housewarming gift – news of $5,000 in state grant funding.

Dinniman, has been a strong and consistent supporter of food cupboards and programs throughout Chester County, secured the state funding through his leadership in the legislature.

Pictured (from left to right): Fiona Allison, WCFC Secretary; John McCarthy, Senator Dinniman; WCFC Vice President; Joe Fratinardo WCFC President; Sam Wolfgong, WCFC Treasurer; and volunteers Julie Scott and Adean Bridges.

“I want to thank all the volunteers, patrons and donors who have contributed to the West Chester Food Cupboard and other efforts over the years,” Dinniman said. “I hope these funds can support programs at the new location and help offset some of the costs associated with the move to this upgraded facility.”

The West Chester Food Cupboard recently moved from its former home in the Gay Street Plaza Shopping Center to a new, larger warehouse facility located at 431 S. Bolmar Street. Food cupboard officials said the new location will allow them to expand operations, accept more donations, especially fresh food and produce, and provide an improved environment for clients.

The West Chester Food Cupboard provides fresh food and produce, as well as personal care and household items, to approximately 2,000 individuals every month. The cupboard is completely supported by volunteers, donations, and grant funding and has no paid staff whatsoever.

Over the past year, the West Chester Food Cupboard has received 612,000 pounds of donated food from individuals, companies, grocery stores like Acme markets, churches and faith-based organizations, gleaning gardens, and other nonprofit groups, like the Chester County Food Bank and Philabundance. In addition, the cupboard receives financial contributions of which, more than $300,000 was spent on purchasing food for its clients last year.

Senator Dinniman (right) tours the new home of the West Chester Food Cupboard with Board President Joe Fratinardo (left).

Dinniman, who helped establish the Chester County Gleaning Program (now the Chester County Food Bank) two decades ago said he is routinely amazed by the number of volunteers who step forward to answer the call of their neighbors in need and to find new and unique ways to address the problem of hunger.

“Our small effort to work with local farmers to grow food for the hungry has mushroomed into a countywide organization and several highly successful partnerships and spin-off cupboards that serve residents in need at the local level, like the West Chester Food Cupboard,” Dinniman said. “It’s truly inspirational to see our residents continue to work together to find new ways to solve the problem of hunger.”

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