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Dear Friend,

Senator Dinniman and his poodle, Henry.
   Senator Dinniman and his poodle, Henry.

You are invited to join me in standing up for animals and taking on animal cruelty at a special event on the front steps of the Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg.

On Tuesday, October 22, Senator Rich Alloway II and I are holding the first ever Bring Your Dog to Harrisburg rally on the front steps of the Capitol. Dog owners from across the state are encouraged to attend the rally with their beloved family pets to support the humane treatment of animals.

The event will begin with a press conference at 11 a.m. where we will announce a bipartisan package of legislation that would, among other things, increase the penalties for animal cruelty, prohibit keeping a dog tied up all day in all weather conditions, and ensure the proper funding of the state office that inspects commercial kennels.

The pet protection package is comprised of the following bills:

  • Senate Bill 522, introduced by Senator Alloway, would ensure that dogs tied up outside have access to shade, food and water; that the tether be at least 12 feet long and allow free movement; that choke or other chain collars not be used during tethering; and that dogs be brought inside below or above certain temperatures.

  • Senate Bill 718, introduced by Senator Chuck McIlhinney, would allow all Dog Law fines and penalties to remain in the account that funds the Office of Dog Law Enforcement.

  • Senate Bill 862, which I introduced, would allow therapy dogs on public transportation.

  • Senate Bill 863, which I introduced, would increase the penalties for animal cruelty when committed in a domestic-violence situation.

  • Senate Bill 1107, introduced by Senator Alloway, would stop the practice of kennel-owners whose licenses have been revoked simply having a member of their household apply for a new license under their name.

In case of inclement weather, the press conference will be held in the Capitol Media Center. The Bring Your Dog to Harrisburg rally will be held on the Capitol steps, beginning at 11:30 a.m., rain or shine.

Members of the public who attend the rally should keep all dogs leashed and bring adequate food, water and waste disposal supplies for their pets. Also, participants should keep in mind that dogs are not allowed in the Capitol Building.

We want Pennsylvanians from all corners of the state to join us on October 22 to show Harrisburg just how much the humane treatment of our dogs, cats and other animals means to us. It is time to strengthen the penalties for animal cruelty and for the Commonwealth to recognize pets as cherished members of our families rather than mere agricultural commodities. We need your help on October 22 to push for such changes on the Capitol steps!


Andy Dinniman
State Senator - 19th District


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