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Dear Friend –

Senator Dinniman with panelists from the Roundtable Discussion on Education. Pictured (from left to right) Hillary Linardopoulos of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, Helen Gym of Parents United of Philadelphia, Dinniman and Korri Brown of PSEA.
Dinniman fishes in the Ridley Creek with Jon Johnson of the West Chester Fish, Game and Wildlife Association.

I want to alert you to a bill moving through the legislature that will undermine all of our hard work in safeguarding our pristine streams and waterways in Chester County and Pennsylvania.

Yesterday, despite my opposition, the Senate passed House Bill 1565 by a vote of 27-22.  The legislation calls for rolling back the requirement that developers leave a 150-foot forested buffer along streams designated as “high quality” or “exceptional value.” You can see how individual senators voted here.

The current requirement was created by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in 2010 with my support and advocacy from environmental groups, land conservancies and wildlife organizations. As state senator, I worked with these same organizations, like Valley Forge Trout Unlimited and the French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust, to protect our natural treasures and ensure that our cleanest watersheds stay that way.  As a result, our region has experienced tremendous success as home to almost twenty high quality or exceptional value streams, including the East and West Branches of the Brandywine Creek, Marsh Creek, Valley Creek, White Clay Creek, French Creek and Pickering Creek, to name a few.

Forested riparian buffers have made the difference in keeping these streams clean and pristine.  Vegetation absorbs and prevents pollution, provides the root systems necessary to avert erosion and sedimentation and affords a holding area to absorb potential flood waters. Communities that have experienced stormwater runoff and flooding issues know that the costs can be immense.Quote

House Bill 1565 is going back to the House for concurrence to amendments made in the Senate. I encourage you to contact your representative immediately let them know of your concerns and opposition to the legislation.

Please know that I will continue to work and fight to protect and preserve our natural treasures and resources. That is not just my belief, it is my constitutional duty.


Andy Dinniman
State Senator - 19th District


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