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Dear Friend,

I need your help in fighting against new standardized tests that will undermine a student’s high school record and increase the focus on testing instead of learning.

testUnder current law, high school students beginning with the class of 2017 (those currently entering sophomore year) will have to pass high-stakes Keystone Graduation Exams in three subject areas (Algebra I, Biology and Language Arts) in order to earn a diploma.

There is no question that these make-or-break exams will lead to more “teaching to the test” and less time for valuable classroom instruction. Furthermore, it is unfair and unreasonable for a student to face the possibility of getting straight A’s in their classes, but failing one standardized test and not getting a diploma.

That is why I have introduced Senate Bill 1382, legislation that calls for graduation requirements to be determined by local school districts rather than high-stakes assessments required under federal and state laws and developed with no input whatsoever from course teachers

It is essential that we pass this legislation before the Senate adjourns at the end of this month. You can help by contacting Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi and asking that he support Senate Bill 1382. I have attached a sample letter below. Please also be sure to copy Senator Mike Folmer, the Majority Chair, of the Senate Education Committee and me, as Minority Chair, on your correspondence to Senator Pileggi. In addition, please know that Senator Pileggi represents portions of Chester and Delaware counties and if you reside in his district, I encourage you to let him know that you are a constituent in your letter.


Andy Dinniman
State Senator - 19th District


Dear Senator Pileggi,

(As a constituent), I encourage you to support prompt passage of SB 1382, which will return local control of graduation requirements to the (your school district). I trust my local district to determine graduation requirements and am firmly opposed to costly state- mandated tests, such as the Keystone Exams, being used to determine a (your school district) student's eligibility for graduation.


(Your name)

Cc: Senator Mike Folmer, Majority Chair, Senate Education Committee
Senator Andrew Dinniman, Minority Chair, Senate Education Committee

Contact Information:

Senator Dominic Pileggi
Senate Box 203009
350 Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Senator Mike Folmer
Senate Box 203048
170 Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Senator Andrew Dinniman
Senate Box 203019
182 Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg PA 17120

Offices of State Senator Andy Dinniman


District Office
One North Church Street
West Chester, PA 19380
Phone: 610.692.2112
Fax: 610.436.1721
Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Harrisburg Office
Senate Box 203019
183 Capitol Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120-3019
Phone: 717.787.5709
Fax: 717.787.4384

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