September 8, 2014:  Pennsylvania Moment: The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) covers the health needs of all Pennsylvania’s children. Senator Dinniman says all parents should check to see if their children are eligible.Pennsylvania-Moment-

August 20, 2014: A special commission looking at public education funding in Pennsylvania began its work in earnest today, hearing from school district administrators and officials from the state Department of Education.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, a member of the Basic Education Funding Commission, and the ranking Democrat on the Senate Education Committee.Basic-Ed-Funding-Commission-AD

August 5, 2014:  Pennsylvania Moment- As students head back to college, Senator Dinniman reminds them — and their parents — to explore all the possibilities when it comes to paying for higher education.Pennsylvania-Moment

July 7, 2014: Pennsylvania Moment: Senator Dinniman tells senior citizens how they can get help paying for their prescriptions.Pennsylvania-Moment-

July 2, 2014: Legislation has passed the General Assembly and awaits the governor’s signature that’s intended to combat human trafficking in Pennsylvania. Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, a strong supporter of the measure that will help prosecutors in the Commonwealth convict traffickers.Human-Trafficking-SB-75-Dinnim

June 29, 2014: The Senate Education Committee has approved legislation, on a bipartisan vote, that would end passing the Keystone Exams as a requirement for high school graduation. Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, the Democratic Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, who strongly supports the measure.Keystone-Exams-Vote-Dinniman-W

June 27, 2014: Senator Dinniman spoke on the Senate Floor today warning members of the Senate that the spending plan passed this week by House Republicans eliminates many tax credit programs that could devastate Pennsylvania’s bio-science industry.  Here are the Chester County lawmaker’s remarks:Dinniman-Bio-Science-Tax-Credi

June 20, 2014:  June is “Hunger Awareness Month” in Pennsylvania, and Senator Dinniman tells us it’s a problem that’s bigger than you think.hunger-awareness-month

June 9, 2014:  Senator Dinniman held a live Telephone Town Hall Meeting. Participants were able to ask questions as well as listen to a discussion about issues that are important to our area.SenDinnimanTelephoneTownHall-0

June 5, 2014: Pennsylvania Moment: Sen. Dinniman advises Pennsylvania’s veterans to call the Veteran’s Hotline and check on the benefits they’ve earned.  Pennsylvania Moment

June 4, 2014: This year’s proposed state budget has increased funding to persons with disabilities by almost 28 million dollars. But with a lot of holes to fill in this year’s spending plan, Sen. Andy Dinniman wants to make sure that allocation stays intact.brain-injury-funding

June 2, 2014:  Senator Dinniman’s Resolution (Senate Resolution 401) declaring June Hunger Awareness Month” in Pennsylvania received unanimous support in the Senate.  Here’s the Senator introducing the Resolution on the Senate floor.Hunger-Awareness-Month-Dinnima

May 9, 2014: Pennsylvania Moment: Sen. Dinniman talks about PennDOT’s Yellow Dot program, designed to help both people with special medical conditions and first responders at an accident scene.Pennsylvania-Moment

May 5, 2014:  Senator Dinniman speaks on the floor of the Senate to introduce a Resolution commemorating the 66th anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel.66th-Anniversary-Founding-of-I

April 29, 2014: Today is Life Sciences Day in Pennsylvania. Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, sponsor of a Senate-adopted resolution observing April 29th as Life Sciences Day in the Commonwealth, and he explains why that’s important.Life-Sciences-Day-Resolution-D

April 28, 2014: As Pennsylvanians today honored victims of the holocaust by observing a “Day of Remembrance,” Senator Dinniman called on the state legislature to resolve its differences and approve legislation that would allow schools to offer a Holocaust education program to their students. Here’s more with Senator Dinniman who spoke on the Senate Floor today.Holocaust-Education-Dinniman

April 22, 2014:  A new law sponsored by Senator Dinniman would require the state to check every public and private school to make sure each has a working AED, a device that can save the lives of children and adults who suffer sudden cardiac arrest.aed-bill-becomes-law

April 5, 2014:  Pennsylvania Moment:  Senator Dinniman says authorities can be alerted to child abuse by anyone anytime of the day or night.Pennsylvania-Moment

April 1, 2014:  The Pennsylvania Senate has declared April Pennsylvania Community College Month. Senator Dinniman made the announcement on the floor of the Senate.Community-College-Month-Sen.Di

April 1, 2014:   Sen. Dinniman joined advocates and other lawmakers to rally for the swift passage of Senate Bill 75, a bill that would help law enforcement officials to end human trafficking in Pennsylvania by allowing them to punish perpetrators. S.B. 75 awaits consideration by the House Judiciary Committee.Human-Trafficking-Bill-House-P

March 11, 2014:  Senator  Dinniman has joined with senators from both sides of the aisle to propose legislation that would allow financially secure universities to break away from the State System of Higher Education.State-System-Bills-Dinniman-Wr

March 5, 2014:  Pennsylvania Moment: Sen. Dinniman reminds you that March 31st is the deadline to sign up for health insurance provided by the federal Affordable Care Act.Pennsylvania-Moment-

February 7, 2014:  Pennsylvania Moment:  Senator Dinniman says Pennsylvania’s Career Link offices can connect the unemployed to businesses that need workers.Pennsylvania-Moment-

February 4, 2014:  Senator Dinniman reacts to the Governor’s 2014 Budget Address.budget-reaction-2014-sen.dinniman

January 17, 2014:  Senator Dinniman reflects on why the commemoration of Martin Luther King’s birthday has become a day of service across the country.MLK-Day-of-Service-Sen.Dinnima

January 2, 2014:  Pennsylvania Moment: It’s never too early to begin saving for your child’s college education. Senator Dinniman says the state Treasury has a plan that can help now and in the future.Pennsylvania-Moment-


December 15, 2013:   Pennsylvania Moment:  Senator Dinniman suggests celebrating the holidays by donating to your local food bank.Pennsylvania-Moment-

December 10, 2013:  The state Senate has passed and sent to the House legislation that would toughen the penalties for human trafficking. Senator Dinniman spoke in support of the bill on the floor of the Senate.Sen.Dinniman-Anti-Human-Traffi

December 10, 2013: In advance of the governor’s mid-year budget briefing, Senate Democrats held a State Capitol news conference today to outline their plan for state budget savings and new revenue.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman who says the plan would generate more than $1-billion dollars in budget savings and revenue that could be used to make key investments, especially in education.Budget-Savings-Revenue-Plan-Di

November 25, 2013: At a roundtable discussion hosted by Senator Mike Stack,  Senator Dinniman met with community and education leaders, who urged the Senators to stop plans to base student graduations on whether or not they pass a set of three Keystone Exams.Keystone-Exam-Problems-Dinnima

November 15, 2013: Pennsylvania Moment: Senator Dinniman says now is the time to apply for home heating assistance.Pennsylvania-Moment-

November 14, 2013: Senator Dinniman is once again calling on the state Senate to “fail” the Keystone Exams as a requirement for high school graduation.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Education Committee, who’s urging that committee to voice its objections to the high stakes tests that students will need to pass to earn their diploma.Common-Core-IRRC-Mtg-AD-WrapSt

October 22, 2013: Dog owners gathered at the Capitol in Harrisburg  to applaud a series of bills co-sponsored by Sen.  Dinniman addressing the way pets are treated in

October 15, 2013: Pennsylvania Moment:  Senator Dinniman says your child might be eligible for free or low-cost health care.Pennsylvania-Moment-

October 11, 2013: Senator Dinniman says the new high stakes Keystone Exams that high school students will have to pass in the future in order to get their diploma is nothing more than an unfunded state mandate on school districts.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Education Committee, who says passing the exams should not be a graduation requirement.Unfunded-State-Mandate-Dinnima

October 3, 2013: Senator Dinniman, Democratic Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, is joining with school administrators who say they have concerns about public school evaluations that the state Department of Education plans to release this

October 1, 2013: Senator Dinniman is calling on the state legislature to approve his legislation that would ensure that every public school in Pennsylvania has a piece of medical equipment — known as an AED — to help save young lives from sudden cardiac arrest.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Education Committee and sponsor of the bill, who held a State Capitol news conference with supporters of his legislation today.AED-Legislation-Dinniman-WrapS

October 1, 2013: The Pennsylvania Senate has adopted a resolution recognizing the parents’ role in their child’s education.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Education Committee, and sponsor of the resolution.Parent-Involvement-Month-Resol

September 30, 2013: The Pennsylvania Senate has adopted a resolution observing October as Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month in Pennsylvania.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, sponsor of the resolution, who says cardiac arrest can strike people of any ethnic group, race, or age group.Cardiac-Arrest-Awareness-Month

September 26, 2013: “Don’t Fear the Finger” is part of a campaign to remind all men in Pennsylvania that they should be responsible for their health and get screened for prostate cancer.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, a prostate cancer survivor, who presented a Senate Resolution this week to the Pennsylvania Prostate Cancer Coalition observing September as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in Pennsylvania.Prostate-Cancer-Month-Dinniman

September 15, 2013:   Pennsylvania Moment:  Senator Dinniman reminds drivers to be watchful for police and emergency personnel working by the side of the road.pennsylvania-moment-sen.dinnim

September 4, 2013: Education in Pennsylvania is about to change.  The State Board of Education is scheduled to meet next week and finalize a plan to require all high school students in Pennsylvania to pass a high stakes test known as the Keystone Exams in order to get their diploma.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Education Committee, who has a lot of questions and concerns about the new standardized tests.Untitled audio project

August 27, 2013: A majority of parents, school board members, and superintendents expressed a deep concern to a state Senate committee Monday over the use of the Keystone Exams as a requirement for high school graduation in Pennsylvania.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, the Democratic Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, which held a public hearing at the Valley Forge Middle School on what Senator Dinniman calls “high stakes” standardized testing.Keystone-Exams-Hearing-Dinnima

August 15, 2013:  Pennsylvania Moment: Senator Dinniman says your summer vacation driving will be easier if you follow this tip before you start.pennsylvania-moment-sen.dinniman-august’13

July 19, 2013: Senator Dinniman is disappointed by the state auditor’s report that the Corbett Administration is failing to enforce Pennsylvania’s Puppy Mill Law, which is intended to end puppy mills and the mistreatment of puppies in the state.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, a member of the Senate Committee on Agriculture & Rural Affairs, who says greater oversight by the state legislature is needed.puppy-mill-law-audit-dinniman-wrapstory

July 15, 2013:  Pennsylvania Moment:  Senator Dinniman reminds motorists to be aware of bicyclists on Pennsylvania’s roadways this summer.pennsylvania-moment-sen.dinniman-july’13

June 30, 2013:   Senator Dinniman says he remains troubled by the way education funding is calculated in the current budget, leading to inequities that he hopes can be taken out of consideration when developing future budgets.budget-education-funding-sen.dinniman-06-30-13

June 30, 2013: The Pennsylvania Senate has approved a new $28.4 billion state budget plan on a vote of 33-17.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, who voted ‘no’ on the budget bill which now goes back to the House of Represenatives for concurrence.hb-1437-budget-vote-dinniman

June 26, 2013:  Even though it’s late June, Senator Dinniman has already received unanimous support from the Senate on two Resolutions concerning the month of September: one encouraging awareness of prostate cancerseptember-2013-prostate-cancer-awareness-month-sen.dinniman   and another celebrating the mushroom industry in the state.september-2013-mushroom-month-sen.dinniman

June 19, 2013: The Pennsylvania Senate today adopted a resolution observing June 19th as Juneteenth National Freedom Day in Pennsylvania. Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, who talks about race relations and the need to end a form of modern day slavery.juneteenth-day-resolution-dinniman

June 17, 2013:  Senator Dinniman spoke on the floor of the Senate in support of  Senate Resolution 163, a Resolution he sponsored designating July 21-27, 2013, as “Probation, Parole and Community Supervision Week” in Pennsylvania.senate-resolution-probation-and-parole-supervision-week-sen.dinniman

June 14, 2013:   Therapy dogs have become a vital part of rehabilitation services, but they can’t ride on buses or trains.  Senator Dinniman would like to see that change.therapy-dogs-public-transportation-bill-dinniman-wrap

June 12, 2013:  Pennsylvania Moment:  Senator Dinniman has details about Pennsylvania’s “Here To Help” website.pennsylvania-moment-sen.dinniman-june’13

June 11, 2013: Pennsylvania’s Building & Construction Trades Council held its third annual Apprentice Day at the Capitol rally to promote apprenticeships and job training in 20 different building trades’ crafts for recent high school graduates, technical school graduates, and veterans.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman who spoke at today’s rally and praised union workers and apprenticeship programs.apprentice-day-rally-dinniman

June 11, 2013: In an effort to reduce the number of young lives lost to sudden cardiac arrest, legislation is being pushed in Harrisburg to help schools purchase Automated External Defibrillators, known as AEDs.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, sponsor of the legislation, and Democratic Chairman of the Senate Education Committee which approved his bill today.aed-schools-dinniman-wrapstory

May 17, 2013:    Senator  Dinniman, Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, says the committee is looking at three bills designed to make a college education more affordable for

May 15, 2013: Legislation is being introduced in Harrisburg that would delay the implementation of new high school graduation tests until their effectiveness and cost to school districts and taxpayers can be evaluated.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, Democratic Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, and sponsor of the bill.keystone-exam-moratorium-bill-ad-webstory

May 15, 2013:  Pennsylvania Moment: Senator Dinniman says there’s a simple, inexpensive step you can take to bring peace of mind for you and your dog.pennsylvania-moment-sen.dinniman-may’13

May 13, 2013: Senate Democrats say new high school graduation standards being pursued by the Corbett Administration will threaten graduation for thousands of future high school students and stick school districts and local taxpayers with a costly unfunded state mandate.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman who spoke at a State Capitol news conference today in support of a moratorium on the new graduation test standards.graduation-tests-dinniman-remarks

May 7, 2013:  Bills have been introduced in Harrisburg to deal with human trafficking.  Senator Dinniman calls it a modern-day version of slavery.human-trafficking-bills-dinniman-web

May 1, 2013: Today is Loyalty Day when we reaffirm our love of country and salute the veterans who fought for our freedom.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman who spoke on the Senate Floor.loyalty-day-dinniman-remarks

April 29, 2013:  Senator Dinniman speaks on the floor of the Senate about his resolution commemoriating the Warsaw Ghetto Uprisings.warsaw-uprising-commemoration-sen.dinniman-04-29-13

April 16, 2013: April 16th is Men’s Health Awareness Day in Pennsylvania.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, sponsor of the Senate-adopted Resolution urging Pennsylvanians, men in particular, to be aware of their health’s-health-awareness-day-resolution-dinniman

April 15, 2013:   Pennsylvania Moment: There is help for people struggling to make their mortgage payments. Senator Dinniman has details.pennsylvania-moment-sen.dinniman-april’13

April 4, 2013: More than 250 people packed the Chester County Historical Society building Wednesday night to answer the “call to action” to end human trafficking in Pennsylvania and across the nation.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman who organized the event in support of legislation in Harrisburg that would help put an end to modern day slavery.human-trafficking-dinniman-webstory

March 22, 2013: A state Senate committee responsible for reforming education in Pennsylvania heard from its “customers” at a public hearing today in Chester County.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Education Committee, who says high school students from the Downingtown and Coatesville area got a chance to give their opinions about what’s needed to improve the commonwealth’s education

March 12, 2013:   Pennsylvania Moment: Thinking about going to college this fall? Believe it or not, now is the time to apply for financial aid. Senator Dinniman has some helpful information.pennsylvania-moment-sen.dinniman-mar’13

March 4, 2013: Senator Dinniman told state Department of Education Secretary Ronald Tomalis at the department’s Senate budget hearing today that it needs to investigate lower graduation rates and higher truancy rates at cyber charter schools.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman who also says that the General Assembly needs to pass legislation making charter schools and cyber charter schools much more financially accountable.cyber-charter-schools-dinniman-webcuts

February 14, 2013:  In the wake of the school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, two state Senate Committees held a joint hearing to listen to educators and police officials about what the state can do to avoid and deal with school violence.  Senator Dinniman is Democratic Chairman of one of those Committees, the Senate Education Committeeschool-security-hearing-dinniman-wrap

February 11, 2013:  Pennsylvania Moment:  Senator Dinniman says the Pennsylvania Department of Aging has set up a special phone number to answer your questions about care for the elderly.pennsylvania-moment-sen.dinniman-feb’13

February 1, 2013: Legislation that would strengthen the fight against human trafficking in Pennsylvania has cleared a major hurdle in the state Senate.  Here’s more with Senator Dinniman who says the measure will, among other things, more clearly define sex and labor trafficking in the Pennsylvania Crimes

January 15, 2013:  Pennsylvania Moment:  Sen. Dinniman has an important message for veterans about their benefits.pennsylvania-moment-sen.dinniman-jan’13


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