WEST CHESTER (July 9, 2018) –  The West Whiteland Township Board of Supervisors filed a petition to intervene in support of state Senator Andy Dinniman’s complaint against Sunoco Mariner East pipeline project before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

<<Read the Petition to Intervene Here>>

In a unanimous vote, the West Whiteland Board of Supervisors recently decided to intervene in the matter, which means they have formally entered into the legal process.

“West Whiteland Township in a unanimous decision supports Senator Dinniman by intervening in his case to demand safety on the Mariner Pipelines.  This project has impacted the quality of life for residents in West Whiteland Township and as always, the quality of life and safety of our citizens in West Whiteland comes first,” said Theresa Santalucia, Chair of West Whiteland Township Supervisors

Dinniman, who continues to be a leading and vocal critic of the problem-riddled pipeline project, said potential safety issues, concerns, and impacts related to Mariner East don’t to be going away anytime soon.

“West Whiteland’s decision to intervene in support of the complaint demonstrates the significance and severity of the public safety concerns at stake,” Dinniman said. “I have received numerous letters from residents and townships backing this effort. The West Whiteland supervisors made the decision to step forward and officially get involved in the case. I am appreciative of their support and thank them for standing up for the safety and quality of life of their residents.”

According to the petition to intervene, filed by West Whiteland Township Solicitor Vince Pompo, the township is requesting that:

  • Sunoco be required to perform ongoing pipeline inspection and geophysical analysis in the area of West Whiteland Township where the Mariner East 1 (ME1) and Mariner East 2 (ME2) pipelines are located.


  • Sunoco be prohibited from reinstating construction of ME2 until results of such testing are completed and necessary corrective action are taken.


  • Sunoco release to the public its comprehensive emergency response plan.


  • Sunoco conduct future construction activities in a manner that limits noise, exhaust and vibration to weekday business hours in residential neighborhoods.


  • Sunoco make every effort to minimize disruption in performing potential open trench construction of ME2 and ME2X.


  • Sunoco develop and submit testing protocols to ensure safe operation and maintenance of ME2 in close proximity to residences, businesses and public gathering places.

Earlier this spring. Dinniman brought a complaint and emergency petition to the PUC, calling for a halt of operation of the 87-year-old ME1 pipeline and construction of the ME2 and ME2x pipelines in West Whiteland Township due to public safety concerns.

In May, PUC Administrative Law Judge Elizabeth H. Barnes sided with Dinniman, agreeing that the ongoing construction of the problem-riddled pipeline project in a densely populated, high-consequence area constitutes an “emergency situation which presents a clear and present danger to life or property.”

Last month, the PUC affirmed that order in part, voting to maintain the shutdown of the ME2 and ME2X pipelines in West Whiteland Township while allowing Sunoco to resume operations on the existing ME1 pipeline.

Other intervenors in the matter include the Clean Air Council and West Whiteland resident Virginia Marcille-Kerslake.


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