Common Core Supplementary Materials

  • A statement by state Senator Andy Dinniman, Minority Chair of the Senate Education Committee, titled, “8 Reasons Why We Oppose the Keystone Graduation Exams.”
  • A position paper signed by 58 superintendents and Intermediate Units Directors of suburban Philadelphia School Districts (Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties) opposing the required Keystone Graduation Exams. These 58 educators represent almost all of the superintendents in these four counties.
  • The table provided to the IRRC by the Pennsylvania Department of Education that claims there is no cost to schools districts for the remediation required by the Keystone Graduation Exams. Contrary to this claim it is estimated that the unfunded costs to local school districts will be more than $300 million. The department also projects $35 million in savings, without any financial analysis, supporting documents or a fiscal note to back up the chart.
  • The testimony of Dr. Joseph O’Brien, Executive Director of the Chester County Intermediate Unit, in opposition to the Keystone Exams and the unfunded mandate it creates. Dr O’Brien’s summary is excellent and succinct.
  • A guest column by Senator Dinniman, titled, “Keystone Graduation Exams Don’t Make the Grade.”
  • An op-ed piece Dr. Joan Duvall-Flynn, chair of the Pennsylvania State Conference of NAACP Branches. The presidents of all 47 branches of the Pennsylvania NAACP have signed onto a strong letter in opposition to the required graduation exams.
  • A listing prepared by the Office of Senator Dinniman of the obligations and potential costs that the state now has to the federal government as a result of the Pennsylvania Secretary of Education signing on to the No Child Left Behind waiver. The waiver includes many of the provisions in the Chapter 4 Final-Form regulations being submitted to the IRRC. There is no analysis or mention of those projected costs in the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s application to the IRRC. 
  • A Sense of the Senate Resolution introduced by all 23 Democratic Senators in opposition to the required Keystone Graduation Exams.
  • A resolution from the Radnor School District against the Keystone Graduation Exams with their negative impacts and costs. This is an example of one of the many such resolutions being passed by local school boards.
  • The seven Right-to-Know requests and verification of their receipt submitted by Senator Dinniman to the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the State Board of Education regarding the data necessary for weighing the costs of the Keystone Graduation Exams to local school districts. The requested data has yet to be provided.
  • A list of the members of the Senate and House Education Committees. Let these members know that you oppose the Keystone Graduation Exams being used as a graduation requirement and that you are concerned about the unfunded mandates and the potential property taxes increases as a result of the $300 million unfunded mandate.
  • A list of state legislators from Chester County.

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