WEST CHESTER (July 28, 2020) – Applications for five different COVID-19 Grant Programs are now open with several facing deadlines at the end of this week, state Senator Andy Dinniman said.

The programs were established to help Pennsylvanians maintain housing and sustain their organizations, businesses, and practices during the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis.

“This pandemic has impacted all of us in different ways and in different places,” Dinniman said. “As a result, funding is available to assist individuals and organizations that are struggling do to the pandemic and related closures. These programs aim to support everything from housing needs to cultural opportunities to essential workers and blight remediation project.”

Dinniman also encouraged eligible applications to apply now due to the approaching deadlines.

“My staff can assist you with any questions regarding the applications process,” he added.

The five grant programs and their details are as follows:

The CARES Pandemic Mortgage Assistance Program assists eligible homeowners struggling with mortgage payments as a result of COVID-19. Eligible applicants include homeowners or lenders applying on behalf of homeowners. Assistance is limited to $1,000 per month, and set to help with up to six payments between March and December 2020. For more info visit https://www.phfa.org/pacares/mortgage.aspx.

The CARES Rent Relief Program assists eligible tenants struggling with rental payments as a result of COVID-19. Eligible applicants include low to moderate income renters. Assistance is limited to up to $750 per month, and can only be used for rent incurred between March 2020 and December 2020. For more info visit: https://phfa.org/pacares/rent.aspx


The Hazard Pay Grant Program aims to help employers provide hazard pay to employees in life-sustaining occupations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Eligible applicants include those working in the fields of healthcare and social assistance, food manufacturing, food retail facilities, transit and ground passenger transportation, residential and commercial janitorial services, and security services for eligible industries listed above and commercial industries that were not closed as a result of the Governor’s Business Closure OrderApplicants may apply for up to $1,200 per eligible full-time equivalent employee. Employers may apply for a grant to provide hazard pay for up to 500 eligible full-time equivalent employees per location ($600,000 maximum grant per location). No Employer may receive more than $3,000,000 of the funding under the COVID-19 Hazard Pay Grant Program.

The deadline to apply is Friday, July 31.

For more info visit: https://dced.pa.gov/programs/covid-19-pa-hazard-pay-grant/?fbclid=IwAR0w2sjUOe6tcwL6P9KtRlF5TwaAC0wfYSlx0F35bG_L9PfHP17JJeW8OEU

The Blight Remediation Program can support either planning or remediation projects. However, applications cannot intermingle.

Planning Projects involve the development of a comprehensive blight plan. Eligible projects also include code enforcement technical assistance and the completion of reuse feasibility studies on blighted properties. Planning grant requests/awards may not exceed $25,000.

Remediation Projects involve the acquisition, demolition, and/or rehabilitation of blighted properties or properties affected by natural disasters to also include the clearing and preparing of land for future use and projects resulting in visible improvements. Remediation grant requests/awards may not exceed $300,000.

Eligible Applicants include municipalities, councils of governments, land banks, redevelopment authorities, housing authorities, community development corporations, economic development organizations, and housing corporations.

The deadline to apply is Friday, July 31.

For more info visit: https://dced.pa.gov/programs/blight-remediation-program/

The Cultural and Museum Preservation Grant Program assists cultural organizations and museums that experienced a loss of revenue from COVID-19 closures. Eligible applicants include children’s museums, general museums, history museums of historical sites, military or maritime museums, natural history museums, accredited zoos, planetarium, science and technology centers, orchestras, art museums, and performing arts organizations. The maximum grant is $500,000 per eligible cultural organization or museum, and the minimum grant is $25,000.

The deadline to apply is Friday, July 31.

For more info visit: https://dced.pa.gov/programs/covid-19-cultural-and-museum-preservation-grant-program/#:~:text=The%20COVID-19%20Cultural%20and,2020%20published%20at%2050%20PA.