WEST CHESTER (November 20, 2020) – State Senator Andy Dinniman recently visited the Christian Life Center in New London Township to discuss plans to develop a community all-abilities playground with Senior Pastor Josh Roberts. 

Dinniman secured $50,000 in state grant funding to support the playground. Roberts and members of the Christian Life Center are leading the efforts, providing the land, and remaining funds to make the project a reality.

“It is important that children, young people, and families throughout our region have access to playgrounds that are inclusive and can be enjoyed by those will all abilities,” Dinniman said. “I am proud to partner with the Christina Life Church on this community effort and look forward to its completion.”

Dinniman expressed his gratitude to the Christian Life Center for their work and support of this project. Roberts discussed the timeline of the playground’s opening, pinpointing a potential opening for Summer 2021. He also detailed some of the accessible features, such as wheelchair-accessible swings and a zipline.  

Dinniman, who serves as minority chair of the Senate Education Committee, said it was also important for children and young people to have opportunities to interact and play with those with disabilities.

“From an early age it’s important to teach and show our children that while we may be different, we may look different, and we may have different abilities, we all are equal, we all have our strengths, and we must all treat each other with respect and dignity as members of a cohesive and inclusive community,” he said.

During his tenure in the state senate, Dinniman has also supported and secured state funds for the development of all-abilities community playgrounds in Phoenixville and Oxford.