WEST CHESTER (August 8) – State Senator Andy Dinniman today announced that Cerner Corporation, the world’s largest publicly traded health care information technology company, will increase operations in Malvern, a move that will create up to 250 new, high-wage jobs.

“I was pleased to welcome Cerner Corp. to Chester County last year and I’m thrilled that the company will continue to grow here while creating new jobs in our area,” said Dinniman, who serves as co-chair of the Senate Life Sciences Caucus. “Success in economic development involves being proactive in seizing opportunities to create jobs and investment in our region. I am proud to have been involved in this project since the beginning.”

BB021408.031996 laptop-820274_1920Last February, Cerner acquired Siemens Health Services’ health information technology business unit in the Great Valley Corporate Center. Since then, Dinniman has been directly involved in talks and negotiations to keep Cerner in Chester County in order to retain existing jobs and creating new ones.

As a result of Dinniman’s leadership, Cerner worked with the Governor’s Action Team to reach a funding proposal that includes a $1.25 million Pennsylvania First program grant from Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. As part of the agreement, Cerner will invest more than $75 million in the project, and has also committed to creating 250 new, full-time jobs, while retaining more than 2,000 existing jobs over the next three years. The assistance is contingent upon Cerner submitting complete applications and meeting all of the program guidelines and commitments.

“As a company at the intersection of health care and information technology, Cerner is experiencing tremendous growth, and we plan to maintain a strong presence in Malvern,” said Zane Burke, president, Cerner. “Since 2015, we’ve successfully integrated Cerner’s culture, tools, and processes, and I look forward to continuing our momentum with our Pennsylvania-based associates.”

The combined resources of Cerner and the former Siemens Medical Solutions Health Services has opened up opportunities for additional collaboration and development for clients. To respond to this growth, Cerner will upgrade the former Siemens facility, expand training, and purchase equipment.

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