In response to the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the CDC’s advising of all residents to wear masks when in public, State Senator Andy Dinniman announced a community challenge: MaskUp Chester County.

The competition can be found on his Facebook page,

Dinniman’s statement on the challenge is as follows:

“#MaskUp Chester County Challenge:

When one person wears a mask, they’re making the conscientious decision to protect others around them: if everyone wears a mask, everyone has an added layer of protection. My mask will protect you, and your mask will protect me.

But a lot of people have been asking where they’re going to get their masks. After all, they’re not easy to find and health care providers need all the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as N95 masks, that they can get. Luckily, we can make our own masks to limit the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne infections by containing coughs and sneezes.

That is why I am launching the MaskUp Chester County Challenge — a homemade mask challenge. We want to see all the amazing homemade mask designs that our community creates. Whether it’s an art project, a family craft day, or your way to express your creativity or support for healthcare professionals – post a photo of you wearing your homemade mask in the comments below.

At the end of the week, we’ll pick out the most creative masks, and the masks which best fit the theme of “My Mask Protects You, Your Mask Protects Me.” Then we’ll open it up to a community vote. Winners from both categories will receive a senatorial citation!

Please remember, a mask doesn’t make you immune. Staying home is the most effective way to protect yourself, but if you must go out, wear a mask as an extra layer of protection. Although we may physically be apart, let’s continue to work together to protect one another. Wearing these masks is a symbol of how we fight to keep our fellow Chester Countians and Pennsylvanians safe and healthy.”