WEST CHESTER (June 11, 2020)  State Senator Andy Dinniman offered words of encouragement and appreciation to all those who graduated from the Octorara Homeland Security and Protective Services Academy (OHSPSA) during the ceremony this week. 

“We live in uncertain times and our communities face unprecedented challenges. But residents and families deserve to know that the next generation is prepared to stand up and serve all of us,” Dinniman said. “The graduates of this academy today will be those who save lives tomorrowThey will be riding in ambulances, providing lifesaving care, and putting out deadly fires. I could not be more proud of them.” 

Over the course of the past two years, Dinniman has secured $200,000 in state funding for OHSPSA, a three-year Career and Technical Education Program offered to students in tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade.  

The academy partners with the Chester County Public Training Campus (CCPTC) to provide students with the latest technology and equipment available while offering them the opportunity to interact with firefighters, law enforcement, and emergency management professionals on a daily basis. It consists of two half-day programs at the Chester County Public Safety Training Campus (CCPSTC) and student academic instruction at their sending district’s high school.   

Graduates of the program have completed competencies and achieved certifications in three primary curriculum areas: Emergency Medical Service, Fire Protection, and Law Enforcement. These key categories make up the foundation of the program’s learning.  

The Senior Cadets are as follows: 

  • Eryn Baradgie 
  • Staci Beiermeister 
  • Matthew Brown 
  • Olivia Hawthorne 
  • Anthony Hersch 
  • Kyle Hodges 
  • Anthony Selden-Santiago 
  • Tate Shughart 
  • Nicholas Shum 
  • Augustine Testa 
  • Beckett Walters 
  • Charles Ziegler 
  • Justine Dymond 
  • Peter Grubb 
  • Tyler Humphreys 
  • Justin Jorgensen 
  • Matthew Keating 
  • Mason Kiersznowski 
  • Zachary McCarthy 
  • Brian Moore 
  • Benjamin Pappas 
  • Madison Readman 
  • Jansen Schempp 

“I congratulate the graduates and their families,” Dinniman said. “I wish them the best of luck as they embark on the next step in their careers. And I remind them of the immense responsibility of serving and earning the public trust with justice, respect, and dignity and equality for all.”