WEST WHITELAND (September 2, 2020) – State Senator Andy Dinniman was joined by the Chester County Commissioners, West Whiteland Township supervisors, and officials from the Wolfson Group, PennDOT, RoadCon, Traffic, Planning and Design and other organizations in celebrating the opening of the two important trail projects in Exton.

The Route 100 Multi-Modal Trail project links the Exton Train Station to the Chester Valley Trail. The project helps safely connect pedestrian traffic in and along the busy Route 100 corridor by incorporating the widening and improvement of the existing sidewalk network, additional crosswalks, and improvements to traffic signal timing. This new link provides commuters, residents, visitors, shoppers and employees with safe access to the trail, Main Street at Exton, the Exton Square Mall and many other destinations around Exton Crossroads.

The Chester Valley Trail/Rt. 100 Signal Upgrades and Crossing Improvements project allows trail users to cross Route 100 via one crosswalk rather than the three crosswalks trail users were previously forced to navigate.

“We’re making an effort to connect all of our rail stations in Chester County with walkways and trails. This project does that and a whole lot more. It links Amtrak and SEPTA service at Exton station to economic opportunities at Main Street at Exton, the Exton Square Mall, and the Exton Crossroads,” Dinniman said. “With continued residential growth and the soaring popularity of our award-winning trail system, these investments will pay dividends for years to come while enhancing the safety of pedestrians, hikers, cyclists, and families. I want to thank all of our partners, especially Steve Wolfson of the Wolfson Group, for stepping up to make this a reality.”

Senator Dinniman secured a $375,000 in state multi-modal grant funding that was key to supporting the project. The Wolfson Group, the developer of Main Street at Exton, provided $340,000. West Whiteland Township provided $75,000. And Chester County Commissioners secured an additional $390,000 in grant funding through PennDOT and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.