WEST CHESTER (March 8, 2019) – State Senator Andy Dinniman announced today that PennDOT crews are now working on repairing potholes and deteriorated pavement on 19 highways in Chester County.

They are as follows:

  • U.S 1 in East Marlborough, East Nottingham, Kennett, London Grove, Lower Oxford, New Garden, Oxford, Penn, Pennsbury, and Upper Oxford townships;
  • Route 23 (Ridge Road) in East Vincent Township;
  • Route 100 (Pottstown Pike) in North Coventry Township;
  • Route 841 (Chatham Road) in London Grove Township;
  • Route 842 (Creek Rd) in East Bradford Township;
  • Pughtown Road in East Vincent Township;
  • Valley Hill Road in Charlestown Township;
  • Yellow Springs Road in Charlestown and Tredyffrin townships;
  • Goshen Road in East Goshen Township;
  • Newtown Road in Easttown Township;
  • Creek Road in West Goshen Township;
  • Phoenixville Pike in West Whiteland Township;
  • Pocopson Road in Pennsbury Township;
  • Parkersville Road in Pennsbury Township;
  • Hibernia Road in West Brandywine Township;
  • Copeland School Road in East Bradford Township;
  • Hopewell Road in East Brandywine Township;
  • Dowling Forge Road in East Brandywine Township; and
  • Rock Raymond Road in East Brandywine Township.

In addition, Dinniman reminded motorists to report potholes and other state road maintenance issues in Chester County to PennDOT directly by dialing 484-340-3201. Potholes reported to that number will be forwarded directly to an assistant in the field, who will schedule repairs as soon as possible.

When calling to report a pothole, motorists should be as specific as possible and include the state route number, county, municipality and street name along with familiar landmarks.

“If you drive a roadway that is littered with potholes, I encourage you to to report the location directly to PennDOT to get it repaired as quickly as possible,” Dinniman said. “And please do not put yourself in danger or risk an accident in an attempt to avoid a pothole or to report a pothole.”

Outside Chester County, the statewide hotline to report potholes to PennDOT is 800-FIX-ROAD (800-349-7623). Motorists can use the toll-free number to report other road maintenance issues including washouts, missing signs, dead wildlife or high shoulder drop-offs. (Do not, however, use the telephone number for potholes to report a crash.)

In addition, potholes and other roadway concerns can be reported online by visiting www.penndot.com and clicking on “Submit Roadway Feedback.”

According to PennDOT, a pothole develops when water seeps below the road through small cracks in the pavement surface. As the water repeatedly freezes and thaws due to temperature fluctuations, a cavity forms below the surface and larger cracks develop, which destroys the strength of the pavement.