WEST CHESTER (October 28) – State Senator Andy Dinniman is being recognized by two organizations for his work on education.

Dinniman is set to receive the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s (NAACP) Foot Soldier for Justice Award at the NAACP Pennsylvania State Conference of Branches Annual Convention at the Desmond Hotel and Conference Center on Saturday, October 29.

“We believe that you are deserving of this award because of your unrelenting commitment to quality public education in Pennsylvania and for the work you are doing to provide for a trauma-informed education system. We applaud you for your ongoing efforts on behalf of the youth across our state,” Joan Duvall-Flynn, President of the NAACP Pennsylvania State Conference of Branches wrote in announcing the award.

Dinniman said he was honored and humbled to receive the award from the NAACP Pennsylvania State Conference of Branches, which has more than 10,000 members statewide.

“I want to thank the NAACP for not simply recognizing my work, but, more importantly, for the efforts of its members in working for equitable funding in public education and an educational system that takes into account the impact of trauma in the learning process,” Dinniman, who serves as minority chair of the Senate Education Committee, said. “We must continue to work to give students and young people the educational tools and support they need to succeed. We cannot afford to let down the next generation of Pennsylvanians who will lead us into the future.”

Through his work on the Pennsylvania Basic Education Funding Commission, Dinniman succeeded in ensuring that the Commonwealth’s new education funding formula is responsible, predictable and equitable, and – for the first time – acknowledges and begins to address socio-economic factors related to the impact of trauma in the classroom.

Dinniman also led efforts to put a hold on the Keystone Graduation Exams in Pennsylvania after uncovering the exorbitant cost of the standardized tests along with the vast disparity between the academic services, technology and basic resources available to students in inner city school districts versus those in their affluent suburban counterparts.

In addition, Dinniman also recently received the 2016 PAC-TE Friend of Education Award from the Pennsylvania Association of College and Teacher Educators (PAC-TE). Dinniman received that award for his efforts to promote international education and related opportunities for Pennsylvania teachers and students.