WEST CHESTER (February 4) – State Senator Andy Dinniman said Gov. Corbett’s budget remarks were welcome but late in coming, particularly regarding education funding. Watch the Senator Dinniman’s response here.

“It is fortunate that Governor Corbett has finally come around to accept that education is a wise investment and to propose investing more in pre-kindergarten, more in basic education and more in special education,” Dinniman said. “The unfortunate thing is it took the governor three years and an upcoming election to come to that conclusion.”

sliderbudget“Since taking office in 2006, I have repeatedly said the best investment the state can make is in the classroom,” Dinniman said. “It is best for our youngsters, who will need to compete in a very competitive global economy. And it is the best investment for our local taxpayers, who need a break from high local property taxes.”

“One example of the governor’s late conversion to education is his ‘Ready to Learn’ block grant program, which he proudly said would increase that line item from $100 million to $341 million,” Dinniman said. “What he failed to mention was that this line item was $271 million prior to his first year in office, he reduced it to $100 million, and is only at this last minute willing to restore investing in student achievement and academic success.”

“The governor is attempting to paint a rosy picture of his legacy of slashing funding to all levels of public education,” Dinniman said. “The fact is our students need a champion in their corner every year, not once every four years.”