WEST CHESTER (February 19, 2020) – State Senator Andy Dinniman today issued the following statement in response to Sunoco/ET crews striking a PECO gas line while constructing the Mariner East pipeline in West Whiteland Township:

“I was just out at this location three weeks ago when Sunoco ripped up residents’ properties. At that time, resident Jerry McMullen characterized the project as ‘a 350-mile disaster.’

Yesterday, it was nearly all that and more – a life-threatening catastrophe.

It appears that Sunoco is rushing to get this project done as quickly as possible to assuage concerned investors. As soon as a Chester County judge denied the county’s injunction against pipeline construction, they went full steam ahead with apparently little to no concern for public and environmental safety.

This is dangerous and potentially life-threatening business. It needs to be planned and conducted properly and safely with utmost concern and respect for nearby residents and our environment. Unfortunately, that never seems to have been a priority for Sunoco/ET and it’s only getting worse as the project continues.”