WEST CHESTER (July 1, 2020) – State Senator Andy Dinniman and state Rep. Christina Sappey were both recently honored by the Pennsylvania Horse Breeders Association (PHBA) for their contributions to and support of the equine industry in Pennsylvania.

Dinniman and Sappey received legislative awards from the PHBA for their work in the state legislature on behalf of the horse industry and equine agriculture. This was the second time Dinniman received the PHBA honor. He also received the award in 2018.

“Horses are a big part of Chester County’s heritage, identity, and economy,” Dinniman, who serves on the Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, said. “Equine agriculture and sport brings investment, jobs, visitors and tourists, and supports our efforts to preserve open space. I want to thank PHBA for this award and pledge to continue to work together to keep horse breeding and equine agriculture strong in Pennsylvania.”

“I am honored to be selected by PHBA for this award,” added Sappey, a member of the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee. “The equine industry is incredibly vital to our region, especially in supporting downstream small businesses such as farms that lease space, composters and haulers, small and large animal veterinarians, feed and supply stores, shipping and transport, and so many more, all while maintaining the open space and beautiful landscapes Chester County is known for.”

In 2017, Dinniman supported the efforts of Delaware Valley University and the Chester Delaware County Farm Bureau in conducting a study entitled, “Contributions of the Equine Industry to the Economy of Southeastern Pennsylvania.”

The study found that the equine industry spends $546 million annually on goods, services, wages, and salaries in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The impact of this spending generates $670 million to the regional gross domestic product, supports more than 6,550 jobs, provides almost $160 million in annual payroll, and generates $58 million in tax revenue.