WEST CHESTER (September 19, 2019) – State Senator Andy Dinniman today released the following statement on the criminal charges against and the resignation of former state Senator Mike Folmer:

“I’m still shocked, angered, disturbed, and disgusted by the arrest and charges against former state Senator Mike Folmer. The idea that he (or anyone for that matter) engaged in receiving child pornography is abhorrent and reprehensible.

There is no excuse for this behavior. Thankfully, he was brought to justice, his removal from the Senate was swift, and he must now face the full weight of these very serious criminal charges in the court of law.

As a state lawmaker, you’re entrusted with the duty of protecting some of the most vulnerable members of society, our kids and young people. Instead, he did the opposite. He victimized them. The idea that he was part of the chamber, served as chair of an important committee, was entrusted with this sacred duty by his constituents, and yet (by his own admission) participated in this unspeakable crime is practically beyond words.

It shows that we need to redouble our work to support victims and be hyper-vigilant in our efforts to protect children and young people from those who engage in sexually exploitative, predatory, and criminal behavior, even among those we think we know and trust.”